There is no better way to celebrate America’s 234th birthday than with the Southern traditions of Georgia. This weekend, I traveled to our nation’s largest producer of the three P’s: Peanuts, Pecans, and of course, Peaches.

Although the city of Atlanta has been under restoration since 1992, it has developed a very modern and clean new look. Part of the renewed Atlanta, is Atlantic Station. Atlantic Station is a combination of high end restaurants, shopping stores of all sorts, and stairways that lead to underground parking. A must see in Atlantic Station is the Millennium Gate: A National monument that has become an authentic museum dedicated to preserve the history and culture of this lively town.

Finally, what better way to spend your Fourth of July than in one of the world’s largest mass of granite? Stone Mountain stands at an amazing 1,683 feet high above sea level and offers families entertainment for kids of all ages. Part of the fun is a scenic train ride around the mountain, a daring Sky Hike, and a bubble gum filled pole in the middle of a 1.83 hike. The best part of the night was the Lasershow Spectacular filled with highlights of Georgia’s best musicians and sky filling fireworks! Many thanks to the people of this great city! I’ve still got “Georgia On My Mind”…

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Santy Martinez